How to Find Private Clients for Home Care Service Using Referral Sources

Home care business is expected to enjoy high growth in the upcoming years. This is mainly because of the great number of elderly residents who primarily need daily care. If you belong in this type of industry, you probably know how important it is to have effective ways to find private clients.

Referral sources are among the most critical parts of developing and at the same time maintaining healthy home care business, knowing that this is where the clients will mainly come from. Increasing the number of clients is the top strategic priority for this type of business. In order to grow this business, there is a need to bring new sets of clients that will offset the effects of economic downturns, competition, legislation, and attrition. The following are some of the great tips.

It is all about Relationships

The top five referral sources include:

  • Hospital discharge planners
  • Families or clients (Former and Existing)
  • Medicare certified agencies
  • Other referral sources
  • Hospices

All these referral sources for home care company are all about relationships. In advertising certain outgoing type of activity, the referrals are inbound and mainly happen when there is an external directing client in the way.

Create List of Professionals who can be your Potential Sources for Referrals

Brain storm who are in within your area and ask yourself whether they are willing to send you referral. There is a need to think about the sources within the community such as the senior centers, churches, clubs, as well as organizations that primarily work with the elderly. You may also consider networking with financial managers, long-term agents, care managers, and others.

Reach out to the Referral Sources and then educate them regarding your Business

After you listing the possibilities, you should never reach out to each of them at once because you might end up not impressing any of them. It is advisable for home care agency to choose only local family physician and become close friend with him. Cultivating good working relationship mainly takes time and effort. Give yourself time in focusing closely on few, yet promising referral sources.

Make your referral a two-way street

Most of the referral sources that you can find are the businesses that will appreciate the referrals in return. Most of the professionals work with other people if their own business will gain from it. Think of the potential problems that you can help the potential referral sources solve. There is a need to make this all about taking good care of their own customers as well as services that you would provide them.

Communicate and Update

Keep in mind that working with the referral sources is not a mere one-time occasion. This type of relationship primarily requires persistence and dedication. You can check back with the referral sources on daily basis. Always make sure that they have steady supply of you own brochures and business cards.

Right after receiving referrals, home care company should not forget to contact all the referral sources and then give thanks to them. Update them if the referral becomes a new private client and focus on problems that you are solving for the new client. This shows that you are dedicated, trustworthy, and reliable, so they are more likely to send you more referrals.



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