About us

Delcenia Chaney is a mother, wife, entrepreneur and business coach with over twenty years of experience as a CNA. She has mentored and coached thousands of clients across the country who have started their own successful home care business.

 Her journey with home care started when she was working full-time as a CNA and helped seniors live a quality life until the end. Her love for seniors and her determination to create something of her own led her to start her very own home care agency.

 Soon, she fired her boss and became her own. She knew that starting her own business would be a challenge, so she studied and worked hard to ensure that nothing would stand in her way.

Today, she is the Founder of CNA 2 CEO where she helps home care workers like herself who have a passion for caregiving take their skills and positions to the next level by becoming home care business owners. Her expertise in caregiving, strong work ethic and positivity has helped her change the lives of thousands of home caregivers around the world.

For online sources including easy How-To-Products and programs, please visit www.cna2ceo.com to join Delcenia and thousands of other go-getters like yourself to become part of the movement. #CNA2CEO